The Pujin bridge took the type of wooden planks affixed to massive iron chains over the river. The chains have been anchored securely in large iron oxen sculptures on the banks. On the again of each ox was a rod to which the chains had been attached. Read extra…After the formation of the P.R.C. a strategic flood defense plan was drawn up with Russian assist.

huang he river

The supply part flows mainly via pastures, swamps, and knolls between the Bayan Har Mountains, and the Anemaqen Mountains in Qinghai. The two major lakes along this part are Lake Gyaring and Lake Ngoring , with capacities of 4.7 billion and 10.8 billion m3 , respectively. At elevations over four,290 m ) above sea stage they are the 2 largest plateau freshwater lakes nationwide.

Historical Past

A flood in 1344 returned the Yellow River south of Shandong. The Yuan dynasty was waning, and the emperor compelled monumental teams to construct new embankments for the river. The terrible conditions helped to fuel rebellions that led to the founding of the Ming dynasty. The course changed again in 1391 when the river flooded from Kaifeng to Fengyang in Anhui. It was finally stabilized by the eunuch Li Xing through the public works initiatives following the 1494 flood.

From the southern Qinghai province, the Yellow river rises. There is a massive dam in the yellow river which is constructed close to central China in Xiaolangdi, which is likely one of the nation’s largest project. Due to frequent and excessive floods on this river, one other name is “River of Sorrow”.

The highest recorded annual stage of silts discharged into the Yellow River is three.ninety one billion tons in 1933. The highest silt concentration stage was recorded in 1977 at 920 kg/m3 (57.four lb/ft3). These sediments later deposit in the slower decrease reaches of the river, elevating the river mattress and creating the well-known “river above ground”.

The middle course of the Yellow River, extending more than 1,800 miles , consists of a fantastic loop and drains an area of about 23,000 square miles . The river at first flows northeast for about 550 miles through the sandy soils of the northern Hui Autonomous Region of Ningxia and of the western Ordos Plateau. It has many rapids there, and in a variety of locations it narrows. The river then turns eastward and flows for another 500 miles by way of alluvial plains in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in locations branching into quite a few distributary channels. In that stretch its fall is less than half a foot per mile , and many of the channels have been developed over the millennia for irrigated agriculture. The Yellow River is commonly known as the cradle of Chinese civilization.

Iron Bridge Of Huang He

The river has modified course in a major way no less than 5 occasions that we know of, the last one happening in 1897. A floodplain is a typically flat space of land next to a river or stream. Rivers are found on each continent and on practically every sort of land.

Major cities alongside the current course of the Yellow River embody Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Wuhai, Baotou, Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, and Jinan. Before fashionable dams got here to China, the Yellow River was extraordinarily vulnerable to flooding. In the two,540 years from 595 BC to 1946 AD, the Yellow River has been reckoned to have flooded 1,593 occasions, shifting its course 26 times noticeably and nine occasions severely. These floods embrace a few of the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded. Before modern disaster administration, when floods occurred, a few of the population would possibly initially die from drowning however then many more would suffer from the following famine and spread of illnesses. One of its older Mongolian names was the “Black River”, as a result of the river runs clear before it enters the Loess Plateau, but the present name of the river among Inner Mongolians is Ȟatan Gol (Хатан гол, “Queen River”).

Major flooding in AD 11 is credited with the downfall of the brief-lived Xin dynasty, and one other flood in AD 70 returned the river north of Shandong on basically its current course. The Huang in China can also be another name of the yellow river. From the southern Qinghai province on the Tibet plateau, the river rises. This river crosses six totally different areas and two regions in its course to Bo Hai.

The fine calcareous sand and silt makes a fertile soil when adequately watered. The growth of Chinese civilization alongside the Yellow River was a result of the river’s heavy load of loess that grew to become the important ingredient for planted crops on the broad flood plain. As typical of Asian rivers, Cyprinidae is by far probably the most numerous family within the Yellow River basin.

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